For visiting Tibet you need a Chinese visa and a Tibet permit.


Entering Tibet from China

  • To visit Tibet (= China) you need in the first place a visa for China. You can apply for the visa at the Chinese embassy in you own country.
  • To visit Tibet (Tibet Autonomous Region) you need furthermore a Tibet permit. You can’t apply for it yourself. But we can obtain this Tibet permit for you. All you need to do is to email us a scan of you passport and the Chinese visa four weeks in advance.
  • If you are entering Tibet by plane from China, you will need the original permit. We will sent it to any address in China that you wish. This can be your hotel or a friend’s house.
  • If you are arriving by train, you will only need a photocopy of the permit. In this case we will mail you a scan of the permit.


Entering Tibet from Nepal

  • If you travel from Nepal to Tibet, the Chinese visa must be applied in Nepal. The visa that you will get is a group visa for all the people on the tour and it cannot be separated.
  • When we have a scan of your passport (also about 4 weeks in advance), we will send a visa application to the Chinese embassy in Nepal. Once you arrive to Kathmandu, our partner travel agency in Kathmandu will go to the Chinese embassy to get the visa with your original passport. To obtain the visa we need a few days time.


Further information regarding the Tibet permit

All foreign tourists in Tibet need to have a prearranged tour. And they need to have a guide for every day in Tibet and outside Lhasa private transport with driver. Only that way we can get the Tibet permit for foreign tourists.


No last minute permits possible

We are sorry, but because the rules in Tibet no last minute booking of one of our tours is possible. So get in touch with us on time to arrange your Tibet trip!