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5 NIGHTS / 6 DAYS TOUR (FLY IN – FLY OUT) TOUR NO: 003 Yarlung valley which is also known as the Valley of Tombs. Ancient Tibetan history...


4 NIGHTS / 5 DAYS TOUR (FLY IN – FLY OUT) TOUR NO: 002 If you want to savor the rich Tibetan culture and history but don’t have much...

Welcome to Tibet

Today we welcomed a group travelers from Malaysia. They are on a nine day trip to Tibet. Welcome and enjoy fascinating Tibet!  

Breaking news: the Tibetan – Nepali border reopened today!!!

Good news for travellers to Tibet. The border between Tibet and Nepal has been reopened today (August 29, 2017). The border had been closed since the big earthquake in Nepal in April 2015. But now the border is open again for foreign travellers. The border is not been reopened at...

Update: The Tibetan-Nepali border is still closed

  Unfortunately the Kyriong Port didn’t open on June, 1st 2016 for foreign travellers. When it is opened, we will post it immedeatly!

EBC open again

Good news: EBC is open again! After the big earthquake in Nepal in April 2015 Everest Base Camp (EBC) was closed for visitors. But now it has opened again (juli 2015). So if you want to travel there, we can apply for EBC included in the permit. Sadly the border with Nepal is...